Easy Kitchen Upgrades That Are Worth the Money

The kitchen is the heart of your home. Friends and family naturally gather in the kitchen to sit, eat and talk. This room is important, which is reflected by the amount of money needed to completely renovate it. If you don’t have a huge budget but want to spruce up your kitchen, you have options. The following additions will give your kitchen a noticeable upgrade without draining your bank account.


The hardware in your kitchen includes drawer pulls, cabinet knobs and a faucet. Updating your faucet will make the whole sink area feel fresh. Faucet replacement Lynnwood costs between $120 to $250 plus the amount of the faucet. This varies according to where you live, and you can save money by removing the old faucet yourself. There are thousands of choices when looking to replace your cabinet hardware. Changing the hardware is a fun way to show your style while giving your cabinets a facelift. You could add matte black hardware for a sleek modern look, or mix and match different knobs for an eclectic look.


Interior designers always stress how important lighting is for any space. This is something that gets overlooked by a lot of DIY’ers. Updating lighting in the kitchen will literally brighten up the room. Consider adding some pendants over the island or wherever people sit and eat. Maybe change the light over your sink to a pendant as well. Undercabinet lighting used to be an expensive add-on, but now you can buy a kit and add them yourself. Undercabinet lights make your kitchen look custom while also being extremely useful for preparing meals.


The backsplash is the area between cabinets and the countertop. This is not a large space, but adding a backsplash makes a big impact. Backsplashes can be classic, like a white subway tile. You can also use this space to add a pop of color or pattern. New designs even show stainless steel or glass being used as backsplashes. These give a nice simple look and are also easy to wipe clean.