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How To Use Greenery To Boost Curb Appeal

Owning a home is wonderful. You can take pride in making alterations to your house, which will improve its look and functionality. At the same time, curb appeal and how to improve it can, at first, seem overwhelming. Here are a few tips about how greenery can make the journey much easier.

Utilize Plants

When it comes to beautifying the front of your home, nothing compares to green, lush grass, plants, shrubs, and trees. So once the decision to go green is made, the next step is choosing a professional to help you plan the project. Whether it is a small or large project, a tree care professional Jonesboro GA can help.

Having the help of specialists is priceless for many reasons. One consideration is location. For example, as a suburb of Atlanta, Jonesboro is unique in charm and geography. Professionals can guide you as to what foliage to plant and provide other helpful information specific to the area. And here’s the best part: a professional will be able to maximize your budget, whatever it may be.

Plan the Layout

Having a landscaping plan in place will help make the experience headache-free. Planning is essential, so there are several things you should consider. Is it a windy location? How much sun will the plants receive? What are the qualities of the soil? A site analysis will provide answers to the what, where, and when, which are extremely important factors when choosing the plants that will grow in front of your home. It is imperative to take into account light, shade, existing walls, fences, and other factors in ensuring not only healthy growth but also optimal enhancement of curb appeal. You may want to consider planting greenery that thrives with little maintenance, as it will make for a successful experience.

Add Flowers

If your front lawn needs a little color, consider adding flowers to the mix. You can either plant them freely or put them in boxes or pots, which will give your yard a brightened-up, organized look. Plan on watering the plants as needed to keep them looking their best all season.

While you’re tending to the flowers and enjoying your newfound curb appeal, you can also rejoice in the fact that your home has increased in value. As a homeowner, you want to make improvements on the home that will beautify and enhance your living space and provide dividends down the road. Landscaping does both.

Once the planting is done, sit back and enjoy the beautiful transformation of your home. Find comfort in the fact that your hard work will provide you with years of worry-free joy. With these little improvements, you will be amazed at how different and inviting your home looks. Watch as your landscaping matures, changes with the seasons, and attracts songbirds and admiration of all who pass by.

4 Ways To Refresh a Tired Kitchen Without a Major Renovation

The kitchen gets a lot of use. As a result, it can begin to look worn pretty quickly. Add to that the hassle of working with heavy cabinets, plumbing and appliances, and it’s no wonder so many people let the room go years before taking action. However, you don’t have to settle for a tired-looking kitchen. These four projects all work to update the space without the need for a major renovation. 

Refresh Countertops

If the cabinets themselves are sturdy, you can give them a new look by changing out the countertops. Natural materials like stone, butcher block and concrete are attractive and can match almost any home style. Plus, they lend themselves well to countertop repair Manhattan NY, so you can keep them looking great well into the future. 

Replace Cabinet Hardware

Older cabinets can also be given new life by updating the external hardware. This is a project you can easily do yourself, so it can be very budget-friendly, too. In many cases, new handles and pulls can be installed directly in the existing holes. If not, be sure to use the template and measure carefully to achieve professional results.  

Upgrade Plumbing Fixtures

Does your sink still have the standard builder’s faucet installed? If so, you can make a huge change in less than a day. Swap it out for a functional and attractive new faucet. Features like touch-free motion sensors and hidden pull-outs are just a few of the top trends to look out for. 

Add New Lighting

Add new lighting to make a statement. Tired, box or globe lights that once dominated kitchen spaces can make them look really dated. A focal light fixture for over the table, pendant lamps over prep areas and under cabinet lights can all freshen up a room. They also improve the functionality of your kitchen by illuminated high-use areas.  

Sometimes the details can make all the difference. Refresh cabinets with new hardware and countertops, install fresh lighting and replace your outdated faucet to give your kitchen a whole new look without a major construction project. 

Seasons of Homeownership in the Mile High City

People from Denver have been known to say, “If you don’t like the weather, just wait a few minutes.” At 5,280 feet above sea level and located between the foothills of the Rocky Mountains to the west and the high plains to the east, the Mile High City boasts climate conditions ranging from friendly to fierce—sometimes within the same day. Denver’s variable weather attracts residents and visitors. It also makes homeownership exciting.

Winter Snow

Denver residents enjoy sledding, snowball fights, and shoveling in winter. Clearing sidewalks can be backbreaking work, especially when the snow is wet and heavy. The city requires residents to shovel within a day after a storm. Taking multiple passes may be easier than tackling severe drifts all at once when a blizzard brings hours and hours of flurries.

Spring Hail

April comes in like a lion with refreshing rain and hail. Sometimes that weather lion continues to roar throughout the summer. The threat often takes the form of dark and menacing clouds rolling in after noon. When the skies open up and hail falls furiously, longtime residents smartly start thinking about their property and roof repair services Denver CO.

Summer Heat

Many Denver neighborhoods boast homes with attractive lawns. Keeping grass green in the arid climate—especially during years of extreme drought—can be challenging. The city enforces watering restrictions in years of severe shortages. Some homeowners plant xeric gardens of native species that need less water.

Fall Foliage

Denver is beautiful in autumn when the green leaves of trees turn yellow, orange and red. When deciduous trees drop their leaves, residents take up raking. Clearing leaves from the landscape means finding a place to put them. Luckily, the city offers curbside composting and drop-off locations for yard waste.

Living in Denver can be an adventure. Changing weather may make homeownership challenging, but solutions abound in every season.

3 Advantages of Installing Automatic Gates

A large driveway makes your home feel large and sophisticated. Unfortunately, it also creates a vulnerable spot where anyone and anything can enter your territory without consent. You can correct this flaw with a gate, but you can also take it further by installing an automatic gate. Consider some of the advantages these devices can bring to your household when upgrading the security.  

1. Increased Curb Appeal

Your house is already appealing if the driveway is large enough that it needs a gate. An automatic gate will continue to improve that curb appeal. You can usually choose between flat-top and rainbow gates Houston TX, but some businesses offer custom options that let you choose the materials, shapes and other aspects. The best gate will compliment your current residence nicely and provide a welcoming experience for loved ones, guests and even bystanders. 

2. Property Value Boost

The property value of your house generally increases when you make an efficiency or security upgrade. An automatic gate would count as such an improvement since its main purpose is to protect your home from intruders, animals and other unwelcome elements. Since automatic technology is still relatively recent, you are also likely to get a newer and more efficient asset. This addition can boost the house’s value and even change the insurance rates. 

3. Greater Convenience

Traditional gates require you to manually open and close them, which is time-consuming. An automatic model provides numerous entry methods, such as a sensor that detects your car and automatically closes and opens. You can also control who enters your home by installing gates that require specific keycards or passcodes that only trusted parties possess. You can even install a remote-controlled gate with a security camera so you can directly see who goes inside. 

Gates are already an effective security measure against trespassers. Their automatic counterparts have additional futures that further benefit your property. 

4 Advantages of a Gas Fireplace

On cold winter nights, thoughts often turn to the warmth of a crackling fire. However, with no fireplace, that’s just a fantasy—or is it? Installing a gas fireplace can also produce that roaring fire. Gas fireplaces improve the look and feel of any home, and here are four more advantages of this stylish heating source.

Easy To Use

When you own a gas fireplace, all you have to do is turn it on. There’s no hauling wood, no building a fire and no struggling to keep it lit. You also get a remote control, so you can start it from anywhere in the room. In the event of a problem, gas fireplace service Denver is always available to service your system.

Affordability and Safety

Installing a gas fireplace increases the value of your home, and saves you hundreds of dollars on your power bill. It’s also safer when you have kids or pets because there are no sparks or open flames. You also won’t have to worry about dangerous creosote buildup in your chimney.

Sleek and Modern

Gas fireplaces come in a variety of sleek and modern styles, perfect for any room. They’re also completely realistic, built with natural-looking logs that mimic a traditional fireplace. Best of all, gas fireplaces give you continuous heat, meaning that lovely glow never burns out.


A gas fireplace is also an eco-friendly way to heat your home. First, there’s no need to cut down trees for wood. Second, very few fumes are released into the air and gas burns cleaner than other heating options.

A Wise Investment

When it comes to heating your home, nothing is as alluring as the warmth of a fire. Stylish gas fireplaces are as cozy as conventional ones but much easier to use. With its safety, affordability and eco-friendliness, a gas fireplace is a wise investment.

Easy Kitchen Upgrades That Are Worth the Money

The kitchen is the heart of your home. Friends and family naturally gather in the kitchen to sit, eat and talk. This room is important, which is reflected by the amount of money needed to completely renovate it. If you don’t have a huge budget but want to spruce up your kitchen, you have options. The following additions will give your kitchen a noticeable upgrade without draining your bank account.


The hardware in your kitchen includes drawer pulls, cabinet knobs and a faucet. Updating your faucet will make the whole sink area feel fresh. Faucet replacement Lynnwood costs between $120 to $250 plus the amount of the faucet. This varies according to where you live, and you can save money by removing the old faucet yourself. There are thousands of choices when looking to replace your cabinet hardware. Changing the hardware is a fun way to show your style while giving your cabinets a facelift. You could add matte black hardware for a sleek modern look, or mix and match different knobs for an eclectic look.


Interior designers always stress how important lighting is for any space. This is something that gets overlooked by a lot of DIY’ers. Updating lighting in the kitchen will literally brighten up the room. Consider adding some pendants over the island or wherever people sit and eat. Maybe change the light over your sink to a pendant as well. Undercabinet lighting used to be an expensive add-on, but now you can buy a kit and add them yourself. Undercabinet lights make your kitchen look custom while also being extremely useful for preparing meals.


The backsplash is the area between cabinets and the countertop. This is not a large space, but adding a backsplash makes a big impact. Backsplashes can be classic, like a white subway tile. You can also use this space to add a pop of color or pattern. New designs even show stainless steel or glass being used as backsplashes. These give a nice simple look and are also easy to wipe clean.